Anonymous said: its so unbelievable to me when "littles" say 'not all of us are into rape play or re-enact rape' because do they not have the absolute basic knowledge that children cannot consent to sex and they are dressing/behaving/acting like a child in every aspect of their life (like they say bdsm is a ~lifestyle~ and not limited to the bedroom) sex with a child is always rape and when you are being a "little" acting out sex with their father that is acting out and glorifying RAPE and CHILD ABUSE


It literally is like arguing with a 5 year old. They know fully well what they’re doing revolves entirely around portraying a father and a daughter relationship, and then having sex still in this characterization. They know that paedophilia is disgraceful, and that REAL ‘little girl’s lives are ruined every fucking day due to the same shit they glorify. They know that. 

I feel like I’m arguing a range of points each time one of the perverted fucks come onto my blog, to which they reply ‘I AM NOT A PAEDOPHILE OMG AND WE ARE 2 ADULTS CONSENTTTTTING’ 

Yes, consent is important. But no, it doesn’t excuse you from criticism when you are re-enacting traumatic, perverted things for your own sexual gratification. If your kink is to pretend-rape a child then I still have no mercy for you and yes, you are a paedophile.

Why do they pretend they don’t know what we are talking about??? It’s obvious!!!